Kodak Makes Smartphone Because No One Wants A Camera Now

Kodak Makes Smartphone Because No One Wants A Camera Now


Moving away from the past Kodak, the digital camera specialists have entered an unchartered territory with it’s first-ever smartphone. They haven’t been clever with the phone’s branding and IM5 is not going to attract many people. Kodak has been forced to accept the reality that consumers of today are totally over digital camera and rely heavily on camera’s fitted in their smartphones itself. Announced at the CES 2015, Kodak IM5 will be made available across Europe, US and other global markets (we hope India is included in this list) in the coming months.

The company decided to cease its presence in the digital imaging space (to some extent) and now their focus seems to be inclining towards smart products. IM5 won’t be threatening the status of major mobile brands anytime soon but the fact that Kodak decided to venture out in this direction, makes for an interesting read. However, we think the market is too saturated right now and Kodak should have contemplated this move a couple of years ago.

But what’s done is done and we now have the first Kodak phone around, so let’s dissect what IM5 smartphone is all about?

The company has brought out a 5 inch form factor device with 720p resolution display, still running on Android 4.4 KitKat (Android Lollipop update will be offered in the future). The phone probably packs a Mediatek chipset (looking at the octa-core model clocked at 1.7GHz), paired with 1GB RAM and offering 8GB storage which can be expanded further.

Do we get to see the trademark Kodak lens on the IM5? We’re not sure about that but with a back 13MP camera and 5MP front snapper. Kodak has decided to go for the kill in its first attempt. How much does it cost? Kodak IM5 has been priced at $249 (off-contract) and that for a new beginning is a very good start.

Going forward we can expect to have Kodak branded tablets as well but we will have to wait for that a bit more.

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