20 Minutes Walk: Elixir Of Longevity

20 Minutes Walk: Elixir Of Longevity

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? Some adopt a healthy diet regime to stay fit. And when 20 minutes of brisk walking could be enough to stave off the risk of early death, there is no reason you shouldn’t be adopting this practice.

As per a new research conducted on European men and women, tells that “twice as many deaths may be attributable to lack of physical activity compared with the number of deaths attributable to obesity.” The fact was quoted in a PTI report.

In order to see connection between premature death and physical inactivity, Researchers at Cambridge University carefully observed data from 3,34,161 men and women, who participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Study.

In a period between 1992 and 2000, the researchers took a note of height, weight and waist circumference. Through there self-assessment method, they measured levels of physical activity and this continued for a span of 12 years. They study revealed that during this period nearly 21,438 participants lost their lives.

The researchers discovered that the steep fall in risk of premature death took place between inactive and moderately inactive groups.
By combining activity at work with recreational activity; researchers discovered that a quarter (22.7%) of participants were declared as inactive. Those participants reported that there was no recreational activity in accordance with a sedentary occupation.

The researchers found that physical activities which is similar to just a 20-minute brisk walk everyday burns between 90 and 110 kcal. The results of this walking was greatest amongst normal weight individuals. Beside them, even those who had higher BMI benefitted from this.

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