Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Washing Machines

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Washing Machines

London, Jan. 18 (ANI): Researchers have recently developed a washing device, named Dolfi, which uses ultrasonic tech to clean clothes.

The device, which might make washing machines a history, promises to turn any sink into a mobile washing machine, the Daily Express reported.

The device is no bigger than a bar of soap and it claims to wash clothes as well as a machine in 30 minutes by zapping them with ultrasound technology.

All it requires is sink full of water, dirty clothes and detergent. Then its powerful soundwaves emitted by a transducer travel through the water forming tiny, high-pressure bubbles that blast dirt from the clothes. (ANI)

20 Minutes Walk: Elixir Of Longevity

20 Minutes Walk: Elixir Of Longevity

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? Some adopt a healthy diet regime to stay fit. And when 20 minutes of brisk walking could be enough to stave off the risk of early death, there is no reason you shouldn’t be adopting this practice.

As per a new research conducted on European men and women, tells that “twice as many deaths may be attributable to lack of physical activity compared with the number of deaths attributable to obesity.” The fact was quoted in a PTI report.

In order to see connection between premature death and physical inactivity, Researchers at Cambridge University carefully observed data from 3,34,161 men and women, who participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Study.

In a period between 1992 and 2000, the researchers took a note of height, weight and waist circumference. Through there self-assessment method, they measured levels of physical activity and this continued for a span of 12 years. They study revealed that during this period nearly 21,438 participants lost their lives.

The researchers discovered that the steep fall in risk of premature death took place between inactive and moderately inactive groups.
By combining activity at work with recreational activity; researchers discovered that a quarter (22.7%) of participants were declared as inactive. Those participants reported that there was no recreational activity in accordance with a sedentary occupation.

The researchers found that physical activities which is similar to just a 20-minute brisk walk everyday burns between 90 and 110 kcal. The results of this walking was greatest amongst normal weight individuals. Beside them, even those who had higher BMI benefitted from this.

Kodak Makes Smartphone Because No One Wants A Camera Now

Kodak Makes Smartphone Because No One Wants A Camera Now


Moving away from the past Kodak, the digital camera specialists have entered an unchartered territory with it’s first-ever smartphone. They haven’t been clever with the phone’s branding and IM5 is not going to attract many people. Kodak has been forced to accept the reality that consumers of today are totally over digital camera and rely heavily on camera’s fitted in their smartphones itself. Announced at the CES 2015, Kodak IM5 will be made available across Europe, US and other global markets (we hope India is included in this list) in the coming months.

The company decided to cease its presence in the digital imaging space (to some extent) and now their focus seems to be inclining towards smart products. IM5 won’t be threatening the status of major mobile brands anytime soon but the fact that Kodak decided to venture out in this direction, makes for an interesting read. However, we think the market is too saturated right now and Kodak should have contemplated this move a couple of years ago.

But what’s done is done and we now have the first Kodak phone around, so let’s dissect what IM5 smartphone is all about?

The company has brought out a 5 inch form factor device with 720p resolution display, still running on Android 4.4 KitKat (Android Lollipop update will be offered in the future). The phone probably packs a Mediatek chipset (looking at the octa-core model clocked at 1.7GHz), paired with 1GB RAM and offering 8GB storage which can be expanded further.

Do we get to see the trademark Kodak lens on the IM5? We’re not sure about that but with a back 13MP camera and 5MP front snapper. Kodak has decided to go for the kill in its first attempt. How much does it cost? Kodak IM5 has been priced at $249 (off-contract) and that for a new beginning is a very good start.

Going forward we can expect to have Kodak branded tablets as well but we will have to wait for that a bit more.

Report: Mt. Gox Bitcoin Loss Was An Inside Job

Report: Mt. Gox Bitcoin Loss Was An Inside Job


It’s almost a year since the Bitcoin locker Mt. Gox went offline and took its digital currency with it. Now, a report in Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper claims that 99 percent of the bitcoins that went missing from Mt. Gox falls were a result of “internal system manipulation.”

The newspaper reports that only 7,000 of the 650,000 bitcoins that went missing can be attributed to hacking attacks. The rest, the article claims, must have been lost through some other, internal means. The article doesn’t suggest that it’s the work of CEO Mark Karpeles.

At the time, Mt. Gox blamed the disappearance of its bitcoins on a ‘transaction malleability’ flaw in bitcoin’s underlying code. That vulnerability was later fixed, but not before Mt. Gox was forced to give up and file for liquidation.

Rumors about an inside job obviously circulated at the time, but they were denied by Bitcoin developers and Mt. Gox alike. The fact that the rumor has resurfaced suggests that there may still be a grain of truth within it.

Avoid High-Fat Diet When You Are Expecting

Avoid High-Fat Diet When You Are Expecting


In many Indian households a high-fat diet is considered to be nutritious for expecting mothers. A recent study has discovered that high-fat diet and obesity during pregnancy compromise the blood-forming stem cell system in the liver of the developing baby. This is responsible for creating and sustaining lifelong blood and immune system function.

Daniel L. Marks, professor of pediatric endocrinology at Oregon-based OHSU’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, said: “The results offer a model for testing whether the effects of a high-fat diet and obesity can be repaired through dietary intervention, a key question when extrapolating this data to human populations.”

A team led by Mark created a mouse model, which mimics the high-fat diet that is consumed by pregnant women. During the study, the researchers demonstrated that maternal overnutrition in mice drastically reduced the size of the foetal liver.

Marks joined hands with another stem cell expert Peter Kurre on the basis of this information. The duo then discovered the complex changes that occur as a result of maternal high-fat diet and obesity put significant constraints on the growth of blood stem cells in the foetal liver. This finally develops the immune system.

Kurre also added that “in light of the spreading western-style, high-fat diet and accompanying obesity epidemic, this study highlights the need to better understand the previous unrecognised susceptibility of the stem and progenitor cell system.”

According to the researchers, this study will pave way for broad context for rise in immune disease and allergic disposition in kids. (Image: Thinkstock)