Users Unable To See ‘Web’ On Whatsapp, Even After Updates

Users Unable To See ‘Web’ On Whatsapp, Even After Updates

We all woke up to the good news that Whatsapp has now officially come to the desktop. News reports further went on to state that the web app was friendly with Google Chrome, that your cell needed to be connected to internet, and that iOS users would have to wait for the update.

All that said, we were unable to use the web service even on Android phones.

As required, we used Google Chrome to go to the app website, and there in we had to scan a QR code from our phone to be able to use the web service.

The question, however, remained the same. How do we scan the code?

Someone suggested an update of Whatsapp through the Google Play Store. Even after we did the update, there was no way in which we could actually scan the QR code.

In short, the service is not yet available to every Whatsapp user on the Android platform. In one way, this can be justified by saying that there are more than 600 million active users, and in no way is it easy to roll out an update for everyone at once. However, with Whatsapp having a parent as big as Facebook, our expectations were certainly high.

Here is hoping that all Whatsapp users get the service soon, given that they have been waiting for this service for far too long now.

P.S Not all users are complaining like we are. Below is the screenshot of one such user who is happy to have received the update.

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