Twitter’s Non-English Hashtags Aim To Break Language Barriers

Twitter’s Non-English Hashtags Aim To Break Language Barriers

India is a land of diversity in race, region, caste and language. But Twitter now offers a platform to break linguistic barriers by rolling out hashtags in non-english launguages.

The trend came in notice on the day when India defeated Pakistan in the ICC #WorldCup2015. Many users, which even includes the BCCI, tweeted congratulatory messages to celebrate the first win by using the hashtag #???????. And later, this hashtag went on to become the first ever non-English hashtag trend in the country.

The social-networking service has now rolled out hashtags in all Devanagari script-based languages, which includes Marathi, Sanskrit and even Nepali, as well as Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Twitter users from all corners of the country are adopting this development. The pulse of every moment is now being captured in the vernacular. It was #??????? trend on Sunday, while on Tuesday users also got two hashtags trending — one in Hindi #??????????, to mark the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri and the other in Tamil #?????????? which means #LongLiveTamil.

Beside the common masses, several celebrities are participating in the conversation using these innovative hastags. Actor Dhanush showcased his excitement about the launch of hashtags in Tamil.

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