“IPad Air Plus” Leak Supposedly Details Apple’s Upcoming Mega Tab

“IPad Air Plus” Leak Supposedly Details Apple’s Upcoming Mega Tab

This weekend, a leak from Japanese magazine Mac Fan (subsequently picked up by Macotakara) reveals what they believe to be schematics and specs surrounding Apple’s rumored 12.2-inch tablet, the same mega tablet that Bloomberg reported was coming back in August.


However, this leak shaves about 0.7 inches off the 12.9-inch tablet that Bloomberg was expecting. A few more details also say that the huge tablet will have the currently unannounced A9 processor and “four speakers to offer stereo sound in any orientation,” according to 9to5 Mac, who also points out that it’s near impossible to verify Mac Fan’s claims of legitimacy regarding these schematics, but the publication did provide accurate dimensions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus before its launch.


Many have pegged this new monster iPad with production starting this month, but the Wall Street Journal reported in October that delays due to high iPhone 6 demand had delayed Apple’s plans.


Regardless of Apple’s plan for production and distribution, I’m having trouble finding the point of making bigger iPads. Other than increased real estate, the iPad Air Plus-as described currently-seems like another spec bump in comparison to the current generation of tablets. I still have an iPad 3, and I’m still not seeing a reason to upgrade to anything new, mainly because iPads are forever.


Also, along with this report, Apple will supposedly launch an iPad mini 4, which will have a “design” similar to this year’s iPad Air 2. That kind of makes it sound like it’s the mini that should have launched this year, instead of the uninspired iPad mini 3 that only added TouchID and nothing else. In fact, this lackluster outing for the mini, coupled with Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, made it seem that the mini was facing extinction. This rumor would suggest otherwise.


But that’s all it is, just a rumor. But regardless, would a A9-powered, 12.2-inch iPad Air Plus be just thing for you to finally upgrade your tablet?

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