Apple Watch Is Coming To India In June?

Apple Watch Is Coming To India In June?


Apple just held an event for the Apple Watch. But as it launched the thing last year, we got to hear about much more than just a few of the flimsy things Apple’s great wrist-worn gadget will do.

The Apple Watch goes on pre-order on April 10, and in the usual Apple style the actual ‘on sale’ date lands two weeks later on April 24. This is the standard delay Apple puts into its mobile devices. It’s enough of a gap to get you ravenous with excitement, no so long you forget you even made the pre-order.

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But sadly for us in India, our country does not feature in the list of first countries that will have Apple Watch. We are sure like us, you too might be wondering when will this watch make its way to India.

As PTI report suggests that June is the month when Apple Watch will be coming to Indian shores. This move might be a result of India’s growing popularity as an important market for many brands, including Apple.

California’s Wine Country Is Getting A Huge Floating Solar Farm

California’s Wine Country Is Getting A Huge Floating Solar Farm

California has long been on the cutting edge of solar power, and now it has what be its most interesting plan yet: a vast solar array floating on top of wastewater ponds. The project will be built in Sonoma County, which you may know better as wine country.

Greentech reports that Sonoma Clean Power will build solar panels on docks across six of the local water utility’s wastewater ponds.The 12.5-megawatt installation will provide enough electricity for 3,000 homes when it is expected to come online next year. It will be the biggest floating solar farm in the U.S.

Lately, floating solar farms have become a trendy idea around the world. Japan is building an even bigger one. India has a new one, too. Floating the solar panels over water has a dual advantage: The water provides natural cooling for the panels, and the panels prevent water evaporation.

If the floating solar farm works well in Sonoma County, there’s pretty of opportunity for expansion. As Greentech notes, there are some 1,400 irrigation storage ponds in Sonoma County, many of them on vineyards. The same sunshine that makes your grapes could soon be powering homes.

Eating At ‘Right’ Time Key To Healthy Heart

Eating At ‘Right’ Time Key To Healthy Heart

A new study has revealed that eating at the right time is as important as what the person is eating in order to maintain a healthy heart.

Researchers at San Diego State University and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that by limiting the time span during which fruit flies could eat, they could prevent aging-and diet-related heart problems.

The researchers also discovered that genes responsible for the body’s circadian rhythm are integral to this process, but they’re not yet sure how.

Previous research has found that people who tend to eat later in the day and into the night have a higher chance of developing heart disease than people who cut off their food consumption earlier.

The researchers also sequenced the RNA of the flies at various points in the experiment to find which of their genes had changed as a result of time-restricted feeding.

They identified three genetic pathways that appear to be involved: the TCP-1 ring complex chaperonin, which helps proteins fold; mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes (mETC); and a suite of genes responsible for the body’s circadian rhythm.

Girish Melkani, a biologist at SDSU whose research focuses on cardiovascular physiology was optimistic that the results could one day translate into cardiac- and obesity-related health benefits for humans.

The study is published in Science.

Top Five Health Concerns For Men Revealed

Top Five Health Concerns For Men Revealed

A new study has revealed the five most common health issues in men and how to prevent them.

Kevin Polsley of Loyola University said that a lot of men think going to the doctor is just one more thing on a seemingly endless “to do” list, but to get all those other “to dos” done men need to starting thinking about their health and making it a priority.

One of the top five health concerns for men is heart disease. Men have a higher risk of heart attacks than women and these risks increase when there is family history of the disease. Heart disease risks also increase if a man smokes, has high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Polsley said that exercise and diet are extremely important in preventing heart attacks. Routine preventive care appointments with a primary care physician also can help identify most of these risk factors, and modification and treatment of these risks factors can help decrease the risk as well.

Second is sleep apnea. It is estimated that 18 million Americans have sleep apnea but many aren’t tested for it. Subtle symptoms include snoring, waking up frequently in the night to urinate, headaches in the morning or waking up with a dry mouth.

Many men’s health issues can be helped if they take steps to manage their sleep apnea. Long-term complications from the disease include high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attacks and stroke, so it’s an important condition to diagnose and treat, said Polsley. Weight loss can help decrease this problem. Polsley recommends a sleep test to determine the cause of the sleep apnea and the best treatment.

Third is high blood pressure. Family history and obesity are two of the leading causes of high blood pressure. Weight loss can decrease the risk of developing the disease. A low-sodium diet also can help when battling high blood pressure. Many people think that means just avoiding salt, but it’s more than that; it’s a lifestyle.

Fourth is high cholesterol also has a strong genetic component. Still, a man can have high cholesterol even if there is no family history. Diet and exercise are key to preventing this disease. Diet and exercise are the best way to help prevent high cholesterol. If you have a family history or are concerned, eating fish or taking a fish oil supplement also has been shown to help prevent high cholesterol.

Fifth is colon cancer. Early detection is important for battling colon cancer so a colonoscopy should be done every 10 years after the age of 50 or earlier if there is a family history. If caught early, the prognosis for colon cancer is good. That is why everyone, men and women, should have routine colonoscopies. They may not be pleasant, but they can save your life, said Polsley. (ANI)

MWC 2015: Top Wearables Launched This Year

MWC 2015: Top Wearables Launched This Year

While the focus was strictly on smartphones at the recently concluded MWC event, there were a handful of wearables unveiled during the course of the event. These devices will soon don the markets and will prove to be excellent companion accessories for your smartphones. The MWC was kicked off by Huawei’s first ever smartwatch, known simply as the Huawei Watch.