Apple Watch Is Coming To India In June?

Apple Watch Is Coming To India In June?


Apple just held an event for the Apple Watch. But as it launched the thing last year, we got to hear about much more than just a few of the flimsy things Apple’s great wrist-worn gadget will do.

The Apple Watch goes on pre-order on April 10, and in the usual Apple style the actual ‘on sale’ date lands two weeks later on April 24. This is the standard delay Apple puts into its mobile devices. It’s enough of a gap to get you ravenous with excitement, no so long you forget you even made the pre-order.

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But sadly for us in India, our country does not feature in the list of first countries that will have Apple Watch. We are sure like us, you too might be wondering when will this watch make its way to India.

As PTI report suggests that June is the month when Apple Watch will be coming to Indian shores. This move might be a result of India’s growing popularity as an important market for many brands, including Apple.