Windows 10 Will Kill The Installation DVD, Finally

If you’re one of those quaint people who still uses ‘physical media’ to install new versions of operating systems, Windows 10 could have a big shock in store for you: USB drives replacing the clunky old re installation DVDs of yore.

The idea that Windows 10 would be shipped (mostly) on USB drives rather than traditional DVDs was hinted at by leaks earlier this week, and is now confirmed: USB versions of Windows 10 Home and 10 Pro are listed for pre-order on Amazon already, running $120 and $200 respectively. Microsoft also confirmed to Venture Beat that Windows 10 will be available for purchase on USB drives “shortly after” launch.

Windows on USBs makes an obvious amount of sense: most cheap (or thin-and-light) Windows laptops shipped in the last few years have skipped out the DVD drive, which has left home-made USB installation drives the only option. That said, this isn’t the final farewell for DVDs: you’ll still be able to buy Windows 10 on DVD.