Who Most Likely Makes Your Sandwich, Mapped

The sandwich is a delicious and convenient way to ingest your favored form of nutrition-but where do you get them from? This maps shows the dominant sandwich store across the entire country. Guess which color represents Subway.

Nathan Yau of Flowing Data put this visualization together using information from AggData. He explains how it works:

Each circle represents an area with a 10-mile radius, colored by the nearest sandwich chain. Subway’s lead is clear with unexpectedly much more gusto than McDonald’s. There are a few other sandwich places sprinkled here and there.

If you choose to ignore Subway, however, you get the map below. Arby’s wins out here, but at nowhere near the scale of Subway. Instead, you see much more regional variation-notably in the form of Jimmy John’s, Blimpie, Charley’s,Togo’s and a few others. Where do you get yours?