Sony To Bring Android TVs In Early 2015: Rumor

Sony To Bring Android TVs In Early 2015: Rumor

Google first announced Android TV back in June during the annual I/O event. It was said that a myriad of big ticket manufacturers will be on board to support the new media platform, with the likes of Razer being the first to announce it. A new rumor today is suggesting that Sony could also be one of the companies interested in launching hardware based on the platform, possibly during next month’s CES 2015 event.


Something like this would be suited for the CES event as a wide range of manufacturers will be present during the event to show off their latest innovations. Android TV based hardware is currently sold only by Google in the form of the Nexus Player, but the addition of Sony and other manufacturers could mean that the platform will be more accessible to consumers across the globe.


We don’t have specific information on what to expect from Sony’s latest offering, but it seems like it will be similar to previous Android TV (known as Google TV) offerings with the hardware integrated into their televisions. It is being said that Sony will offer Android TVs in varying display resolutions, ranging from 4K to 1080p depending on the market. Either way, don’t expect these televisions to go gentle on your wallets.


Android TV relies heavily on Google services and offers content through the Play Store, Play Movies, Play Music etc. Given the number of gaming titles available on Google’s app hub, the device can also be used as a gaming console when coupled with a wireless Bluetooth controller. Expect the likes of Samsung and LG to join the Android TV bandwagon sometime soon.

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