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The New Google Photos App Commercial Hilariously Mocks The 16GB Storage On iPhones

The New Google Photos App Commercial Hilariously Mocks The 16GB Storage On iPhones

Apple users, this might sting a bit. Google has made a complete jackass of the iPhone in its hilarious Google Photos commercial.

The commercial, released in the US, mocks the measly 16GB storage of the iPhone. Even though Apple is rumored to be doing away with that base storage this year, Google made sure it didn’t miss the rare chance to take a dig at Apple.

And why not? The iPhones with 16GB storage has been proven to be largely inadequate in real world performance. With app sizes on the upside, and never mind the ever-increasing size of the selfies you tend to take every four minutes, a 16GB memory with no way of expanding it whatsoever, is a tad bit unrealistic. Even Apple’s new Live Photos don’t help matters you know.

The commercial shows people just about capture a beautiful moment in their lives, when dang! “Storage Full. There is no more room on your phone.” The people who have suffered this fate will know this is exactly the message the iPhone shows when it has run out of space. Although Google doesn’t directly show an iPhone, it makes sure everyone knows who’s at the butt of this joke.

And Google knows its superior position in this regard. The Google Photos app can free up a lot of space with just a tap on a button (often prompted by the Photos app itself). The photos app backs up all your photos in the cloud and when your phone is about to run out of space, the app will offer to delete all the photos from your device that has already been backed up.

Unlike iPhone users, you don’t have to see the last of your precious selfies and still have enough space to click another one.

With the iPhone being almost a flawless device, this was a rare chance for Google to take a jab at the company that thinks 16GB (with no expandable storage) is enough for shutterbug millenials.

So go out today, hug a 16GB iPhone user and show them how Google cares for its users.