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Here’s How Much Battery Pokemon Go Will Drain From Your Phone

Here’s How Much Battery Pokemon Go Will Drain From Your Phone

Pokemon Go has been released much to mass frenzy around the game and it has already surpassed the daily active user metrics of Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and the likes. However, one thing may act as a setback to further increase the popularity of the game- its high battery usage.

The augmented reality based game makes full use of the graphics processor, GPS, cellular radio and the camera, all the while keeping the screen up at the full brightness level so that the screen is visible in the outdoor light. So, its not surprising the game is a battery leech, but to what extent? Let’s find out.

CNET recently ran a real-time test on an iPhone 6S, measuring the drain in battery while playing Pokemon Go and comparing it with usage of other apps.

The auto brightness setting was turned off and the brightness level was set to 80 per cent. All background apps were disabled and the exact same route was chosen for each run, to keep the cellular strength constant.

The route was repeated once for playing Pokemon Go, once for browsing Facebook, once for using Spotify offline and once while both listening to Spotify and running Pokemon Go, to see whether there is a compound effect. Each run took 30 minutes and the battery was recharged to 100 per cent each time.

It was found that Pokemon Go was a huge battery drainer on the iPhone, but surprisingly the data usage was almost nominal. For half an hour of play, less than 10MB of data was used and that is less per hour spent on Gmail, never mind live video streaming.

But the battery stats were dismal, so to say. 15 per cent battery was drained in 30 minutes of playing the game, while 5 per cent was used up browsing Facebook, 0 per cent while listening to Spotify and a whooping 17 per cent when using both Spotify and Pokemon Go at the same time.

At this rate, the iPhone 6S can be expected to die out in less than 7 hours of playing Pokemon Go continuously.

But fret not, as there are solutions to the problem. To begin with, the game has an in-built battery saver mode, which you can turn on by going to the settings option within the game.

Otherwise, you can invest in a phone packed with a big battery or buy an external power bank.

It is indeed strenuous to become the best Pokemon master, but what can we do? We just gotta catch ’em all!