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Five WhatsApp Hacks To Unleash Its Full Potential

Five WhatsApp Hacks To Unleash Its Full Potential

With over 1 billion people using WhatsApp actively around the world, the messaging service surely has garnered huge support. But with a population almost as large as that of India, it is also a bit crowded and cluttered with over-information. Now who doesn’t love some peace among a throng of chattering people? Stand apart from the rest of the crowd using these WhatsApp hacks, suggested by Quora users.

1. Read your messages with ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Read’ status unaltered.

If you want to avoid explaining why you haven’t replied inspite of your ‘last seen’ timestamp and ‘Read’ status updated, you can use this trick.

“Dedicate a home screen to a 4×4 WhatsApp widget. All unread messages will appear there, not only the most recent unread message from each chat. Read through all of those messages through the widget and your ‘last seen’ and ‘read’ status will remain unchanged.

2. Transfer files of any format upto 1 GB on Whatsapp.

An App called WhatsTools sits quietly inside the ‘attach’ button in the chat window (after giving permission using the accessibility service) and allows file sharing of size upto 1GB. Normally, Whatsapp allows a maximum file size of 16MB. Using this tool you can bypass the restriction. You can also pause/resume the upload/download of files and preview video files before downloading. The files are shared through an HTTPS encrypted path and gets stored in your Google Drive account.

3. Delete old WhatsApp Message Backups and clear space on your phone storage.

WhatsApp does a mandatory daily backup in the middle of the night at 02:00. These backups are stored as separate files in the storage memory of your device and with each new backup, containing the thumbnail of all the media received along with newer chats, the file size increases, sometimes to uncomfortable proportions. To delete the older backup files, go to Internal Storage-> WhatsApp -> Databases.

Also, when you are switching phones, just copy the latest backup file over to the new device and all your chats will be there.

4. Create a WhatsApp Group with only you as a member.

With the amount of time we spend daily on WhatsApp, it would be great if we get our reminders directly within the app. Now till as long WhatsApp decides to provide this feature, here’s how to side load it. Create a group with at least contact in your list. Then remove that contact from the group. Now there is just you left in the group. Rename the group to ‘Reminders’ and use it for posting tiny tidbits for you to remember. You can also use it as a bookmarking tool, saving links to things you like on the internet to access them later.

5. Hide one image onto another.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Have some fun with your friends by hiding one image inside another. Your friend will see one photo on the thumbnail, but after opening it, the photo will be different.

Download and install the app called Image Preview Changer. In that app, open the image you want to hide and then click on the ‘Preview Image’ option and choose the image you want your friend to see first as the thumbnail. After this, select ‘Share with WhatsApp’ and you’re done.