Technology: The Game Changer for Real Estate in Indian Market

Technology: The Game Changer for Real Estate in Indian Market

The world is changing really fast due to technology, impact of which can be seen in every aspect of our life: be it at home, our work or shopping habits. The digital spin has made lives more dependent on technology. There has been tremendous growth of social media, e-marketing, web communication, advanced software, mobile apps, and sophisticated IT systems. The impact of these advancements can also be seen on real estate market. The technological online advancement has brought monumental changes in the Indian real estate market. From the real estate startups to property portals and developers, all are investing heavily in online advanced technology to ensure seamless customer experience.

Right from designing to the construction, marketing and sale of the residential and commercial projects, the impact of technology can be seen everywhere. People now a day’s take help of real estate apps to search and buy property in India. Technology in real estate sector has helped people find more economical and reliable ways to gather information. Some other facts of technology on Indian real estate market include:

Virtual realty videos: With the reducing global boundaries, there is more demand for residential property in India by NRIs. As these investors are not able to visit the sites physically, many developers in India are providing them real like experience through virtual realty videos of the flats. Some other examples of technologies used by the builders to give an overview of the upcoming project without even making a sample flat are 360 degree, Live-in-Tours, Retina, and Advanced Machine Learning.

Analysis, graphs and charts: Gone are the days when home buyers were dependent on the brokers or builders to get an overview of the location and project. Property apps provide them thoroughly analyzed and carefully designed graphs, comparison charts and other insights with just a few clicks. Cloud computing and data-driven statistical analytics are playing a vital role in making these charts interactive for home buyers.

Technology and Indian Real Estate

Technology and Indian Real Estate

Virtual sale: Now every person having a smart phone in his/her hand, so property sale is not limited to just the physical world. The investors now don’t hesitate in making transaction in the virtual world. Buyers also can explore various options virtually to short-list the properties. Builders are also taking help of real estate websites to reach out to the potential buyers with property details. Some brokers and developers are going a step further with customized and easy-to-use mobile applications for property search.

Quick and easy property selection: More than builders, the buyers and investors of real estate in India are getting benefited from the technological advancements. They now have an efficient flow of information at their fingertips. On the behalf of their preference of location, amenities, design and area, price they can choose a suitable project from thousands of residential projects listed on the real estate websites. This has also helped home buyers save their money, unnecessarily paid to the brokers.

Due-diligence: Easy and quick access to the up-to-date information, latest news, and important laws help investors and end-users make an informed decision. They now don’t rely on the information provided by the builders or brokers.

Since most of the real estate investors now use mobile phones to search right commercial and residential projects in India, it is the best time for the brokers, agents, and builders to leverage technology and gain maximum exposure. Further, the brokers need to keep a close eye on the emerging technologies and grab the opportunity at the right time to generate more revenue. The builder-broker community needs to realize that the investors are fast-adopting technology and they need to make up to this challenge in order to survive.

6 Points to buy property-investment in zirakpur

Here we do have smart tips to invest in Zirakpur….!!!

Zirakpur is a beautiful neighbouring city of Chandigarh. Zirakpur is witnessing the rapid growth in its real estate market because of numerous factors. So, if you are planning to shift from any city or investment. Looking for a lifestyle that matches up to your expectations, you can definitely o  pt Zirakpur, where you get capital appreciation as it is in developing stage like Gurgaon and Noida.

1-Amazing Connectivity: Zirakpur has a great connectivity with the major nearby cities of Punjab, Chandigarh(UT) and other states (Himachal Pradesh, Haryana). You can reach Shimla in 3 hours while Delhi in just 4 hours. It feels really amazing for outsiders in terms of moving to a new location.

2Healthy Environment: While planning to get a house for our family, it is very important to choose a place which is pollution free and has healthy surroundings. Zirakpur is a place fulfilling all these requirements. As its free zone from industries and Low Density Area i.e low rise buildings are permitted (example:-stilled+3 with lifts). You can get facilities like parks for children (Leisure Valley Park coming in 100 Acres) open areas, walking paths and more.

3Logistic & Warehousing Hub- Zirakpur – Tepla- Rajpura Belt to become logistic hub in Punjab. As Zirakpur is the intersecting point on the Shimla-Delhi-Patiala highway, so the state Government feels that it will develop as the typical hub for logistic & warehousing.  The state government to build cargo logistic centre in 725 acres in Rajpura, which in turn will make this region a Industrial hub and will also bring more employment.

4- Chandigarh International Airport– Chandigarh International airport now caters to 8 domestic flights (Indigo, Spice jet, Vistara, Air India & many more) & connects Chandigarh to 2 international destinations. (Sharjah & Dubai). As airport is now operating round the clock so more international flights to operate from Chandigarh Intl airport in coming months. 

-Expansion of runways from 9000 to 10,400 feet’s so that wide bodied aircrafts can operate from Chandigarh airport and can connect Chandigarh to International destinations like Europe, United States & Australia. More International Flights to operate from the airport in coming months Ex( Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, British Airways, Qantas Airlines. With International flights operating round the clock from Chandigarh airport will also bring more employment in Aviation/Cargo and ground staff sector.

-Chandigarh International airport will now be the hub for passengers from Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Punjab & Haryana. Passengers from these regions now don’t have to travel to Indira Gandhi International Airport ‘New Delhi’ to board the international flights.

– Instrumental landing system is getting installed so that flight can operate in low visibility from Chandigarh Intl Airport.

-When more flights will operate for International & domestic destinations, it will generate more employment in IT industry. IT employees/Professionals & clients can connect with Chandigarh easily and more IT employees will prefer to shift to this region.

5-Emerging City: Well reputed industries & corporates companies are coming up in this region which will definitely boost up the development of this region.

-HDFC corporate Office, Larsen & Toubro, Infosys Campus spread over 50 acres in IT City Mohali.

-Home to big shopping & Retail Outlets (Metro, Best Price/Wal-Mart Venture, Big Bazaar)

-Proximity to IT Hubs- Close to Chandigarh IT Park and Quark City Mohali, and IT city Mohali, Zirakpur is a reasonable housing option for office goers who are looking to buy flats in Zirakpur. 

-Educational Hub- Many Educational institution like SVIET(Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering & Technology), Chitkara University, SUS Tangori, & International School business in Mohali makes this region also the educational hub.

6- Master Plan Zirakpur -Municipal council has announced that Zirakpur will cut into 16 sectors. The map of each sector with the address of every house will also be available on Google. Now GMADA further acquire 5000acre to expand aerocity.

India just launched 104 satellites, but it has a long way to go to become a global space player


India just launched 104 satellites, but it has a long way to go to become a global space player


The Indian Space Research Organisation’s commercial revenue forms only 0.6% of the global market.

On February 15, the Indian Space Research Organisation launched a rocket that put 104 satellites into orbit around the earth, breaking a world record as it did so. It was a remarkable achievement for India’s space organisation, which has now had 36 consecutively successful launches of its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles since 1994.ISRO has consistently been in the headlines over the last few years for its rapid developments in space technology, including the cheapest Mars mission ever designed and its indigenously built cryogenic engine that will be the first step towards putting heavier loads including humans and large satellites into space.But how does ISRO stack up against other space organisations, both government and private?There are two ways to assess this: technological developments and commercial growth.

The Cold War era of intense rivalry between the US and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics led to a “space race” after the USSR launched Sputnik I, the world’s first satellite, in 1957. The two countries pushed each other to the limits to send ever-larger satellites and finally humans into space and to the moon.The European Union, Japan, Canada, Russia and the US jointly operate the International Space Station, a habitable artificial satellite. These countries also have the world’s premier space organisations that conduct both research and launches. While the US and Russia have scaled back on human spaceflight, China is still pursuing this technology. It sent its first astronaut into space in 2008. Neither the European Space Agency nor the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have independently sent humans into space.Along with these five, India’s is only the sixth space agency in the world to have complete launch facilities, to operate cryogenic engines and to send probes to extraterrestrial bodies.However, India still has a long way to go. Although it successfully sent an orbiter to Mars in 2013, and was the first country to achieve this on its first attempt, India is only just beginning to harness the potential of its cryogenic engine to launch Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicles into space. These vehicles travel into higher orbit than PSLVs and can carry satellites weighing more than 2,000 kilogrammes.

Musical Nights at Rose Festival 2017, Chandigarh | All 3-Day Details

Musical Nights at Rose Festival 2017, Chandigarh | All 3-Day Details

The 45th edition of Rose Festival in Chandigarh just started on 17th February 2017. Society for Tourism & Entertainment promotion in Chandigarh along with Chandigarh Tourism is also organising musical nights on each day of the 3-day Rose fest. People can enjoy Punjabi musical night on the 2 days of the Rose Fest, whereas the last day will be dedicated to the Bollywood musical night in Chandigarh. Musical night in Rose Fest 2017 will be the entertainment factor for all the visitors to chillax and just dance on the beats.
Details of Musical Night in Rose Fest, ChandigarhArtists Who’ll be Performing
Rose festival in Chandigarh will not only bloom the people with the fragrance of flower but will also be a treat for all music lovers. The 3 days musical night in the Rose Festival will be a roller coaster ride for everyone in the city. Singers like Sukshinder Shinda, Garry Sandhu and Adnan Sami will be performing live in concert during the musical night.

Punjabi musical night (Garry Sandhu) On the very first day of the musical night in 45th Rose Fest in Chandigarh, Chandigarhian will get to tap their feets with the performance of Garry Sandhu at Leisure Valley from 6:30 PM onwards.

Punjabi musical night (Sukshinder Shinda) The Second day will also be dedicated to Punjabi music with the king of Pop bhangra music ‘Sukshinder Shinda’. Groove hard on the rock beats of bhangra with desi rockstar in Chandigarh.
Bollywood musical night (Adnan Sami)

Whereas on the last day of the musical night, Chandigarhians will get a chance to listen to the mesmerising voice of Adnan Sami in Rose fest. Be it romantic or dancing number song, you will get it all to dance upon.
Grab your passes now to make your weekend memorable with the blossoms of music on the 45th Rose Festival in Chandigarh.

Rose fest offers you a blend of fun, music, competition, prizes and food all in just one place.Musical NightDate: 17th- 19th February 2017Time: 6:30 PM onwardsVenue: Leisure Valley, Sector 10, Chandigarh