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Artisto Will Do To Videos What Prisma Does To Photos

Exponential growth of technology. That’s the mantra of the age we are living in. Don’t believe me? Just see what the release of Prisma has done to the world.

When the neural-network based photo editing app released, it was pretty evident it’s about to disrupt all the photo filters apps we had been using.

And now, there’s another app to beat the mighty Prisma as well. Prisma had promised to bring its filters to videos, but another app has beaten it in its own game. Artisto, available both for Android and iOS users, make use of a similar technology to transform your average videos to works of art.

The filters look straight out of canvasses from the likes of Van Gogh, Dali, Munch, etc. Only, the end result is an art-form in motion.

Artisto works the same way as Prisma does. It uses machine-learning algorithms to scan every detail of the photo and then apply the filter accordingly. But, Artisto is beating Prisma in its own game with the speed with which it is rendering full-scale videos.

While Prisma was being criticised for the amount of time it takes to apply the filter, Artisto seems to have taken the lead in this.

The app can render videos stored either in the gallery or shot from the in-app camera itself. Select the 10-second sequence where you want to apply the filter and the app will do the rest for you.

Some filters are quite similar to what you get in Prisma, but most of them are unique to Artisto.

Even though the app has been released for both Android and iOS, its not available in all regions. The app isn’t available for Android users in India, yet.

With Prisma launching its video mode soon, and many other apps mimicking the AI-based photo editing both these apps do, the next few months are surely going to be interesting. Whoever thought being an artist is as easy as tapping on a button?