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5 reasons why people should stop whining about the iPhone 7!

5 reasons why people should stop whining about the iPhone 7!

Enough is enough! People just have to stop whining about the iPhone 7. It is a case of history repeating itself. Every year, leaked photos, schematics and what not start trickling in months in advance of the official announcement and people just jump to conclusions about the phone. Its fate is sealed before even people have touched it. That’s just not fair right? It is a big problem because often with Apple’s products the devil is in the details. Some things aren’t even announced and yet their presence can make a major impact on the performance or effectiveness of a device. So here’s my five pointer on why people should stop whining about the design of the iPhone 7.

1. If you remember the months preceding the launch of the iPhone 5, leaks and rumours pointed towards the fact that the iPhone 5 would look very similar to the iPhone 4/4S. And yet, history is quite kind to the iPhone 5 and 5S. It was the first phone with metal chamfers, which is a design motif that’s now a regular part of smartphone design language. Its heavy use of metal pushed the envelope for build quality and design. There are things that you can’t tell without playing around with the phone. In the case of the iPhone 5, it was wildly different from the iPhone 4, and that too for the better. Similarly, even the iPhone 6 was a nicer looking phone in person than in the leaked photos. Perhaps, subtle tweaks are all that design needs.

2. The iPhone is about the interplay between hardware and software more so than any phone in the market. It hardware is developed for its software unlike other Android phones which use off the shelf components. The specs may not look very swanky on paper, but they perform wildly better. That will apply to battery life, the camera software, the performance and etc.

3. I can bet my life that there will be critics who will argue that the iPhone 7 isn’t the thinnest phone in the market. But you know what, I don’t care. Thin is not always better. It causes compromises to the battery, and it also ruins ergonomics. Look at the Xiaomi Mi 5 which looks gorgeous, but it isn’t the most comfortable phone to hold. The iPhone 6S is amongst the most ergonomic iPhones around, Apple should try to keep it that way.

4. The elephant in the room is the rumored removal of the headphone jack! Well, 8 out of 10 people use the headphones that are supplied with the phone, so most people wouldn’t be left in the lurch. Moreover, chances are because of the digital interface, now the Apple earphones will deliver a higher standard in terms of audio, which should only be appreciated. Yes, the odd audiophile with the high-end Grando headphone may be left out, but for masses on an average, it will be case of better sounding music. Apple can certainly build upwards from a solid foundation.

5. The display resolution doesn’t matter these days on high-end phones. Apple already makes a very nice screen so don’t harp on the fact that Samsung makes a phone with a QHD resolution while Apple is only offering a full HD panel. What matters is how useful the display is. In combination with the software improvements on iOS 10 we could be looking at 3D Touch taking center stage as the interface of the iPhone; offering something wildly different and vastly efficient than Android phones. I can testify to the same as I have been running the iOS 10 beta on an iPhone 6S Plus for the last month or so.

Even apart from this, there are assortment of new things that the iPhone 7 is expected to bring like the dual camera system on the larger model and water resistance, which will be appreciated much by its users. So yes, PEOPLE, STOP WHINING THE iPHONE 7. There is a very high possibility it will be much nicer than your current smartphone.