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Bring Back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10

Bring Back the Classic Start Menu in Windows 10

Wasn’t everything just so much better in the old days? Who needs a new Star Wars movie anyway? If you’re feeling nostalgic for the look and feel of the classic Windows Start menu, there’s a way to bring it back-provided you’re willing to shell out a few dollars for a third-party plugin.

The program in question is Stardock Start10, and it’s free for 30 days. After that, it’ll cost you $4.99. There’s no complicated setup or even a reboot to sit through-as soon as you’ve got the application installed on your Windows 10 computer, open up the Start menu for a hit of Windows 7-inspired nostalgia.

Start10 comes with a commendable number of options for you to play around with: there are actually three different looks to choose from (classic Windows, new Windows, and a fusion of both), and you can tweak icon sizes and colors as well as the appearance of the Start menu as a whole. There are even configuration options for your taskbar too.

By default an automatic shortcut to all of your Universal Applications is included (these can now run in the desktop environment thanks to Windows 10 don’t forget). The program is so lightweight and simple that it’s well worth checking out even if you’re not sure whether you want the old Windows 7-style Start menu back or not.

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Searches Are Crashing Safari on iOS and OS X

Searches Are Crashing Safari on iOS and OS X

If Safari is crashing when you search from the address bar this morning, you’re not alone. It seems the browser is facing difficulties on both iOS and OS X.
According to Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, the issue is a result of Safari’s search suggestions feature and it causes the browser to crash whenever you try and search via the address bar. We can certainly confirm that it’s happening for us on both Mac and iPhone.

There are ways to avoid the problem that don’t include using a different browser though: You can turn off the search suggestion feature, or use private browsing. There’s no word yet from Apple about the problem or a potential fix.

It’s not a good week for Safari. On Monday, a site called not to click that link-managed to paralyze the browser on iOS by adding thousands of characters per second into the browser’s address bar.

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Twitter Launches #RepublicDay Emoji On The Eve Of India’s 67th Republic Day

Twitter Launches #RepublicDay Emoji On The Eve Of India’s 67th Republic Day

This morning don’t be surprised if you find that your twitter feed is flooded with tri-color emojis. It is Twitter’s way of celebrating India’s 67th Republic Day. To mark the occasion, it has launched this emoji at 11 pm on Monday, 25th January.

By using the hashtag #RepublicDay when composing a tweet, a beautiful interpretation of the Indian tricolour will appear after the hashtag in the sent Tweet. The emoji gives Twitter users a fun way to tweet, share and celebrate the historic day with Indians worldwide.
The #RepublicDay emoji has been launched by Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, who is essaying the role of Neerja Bhanot in the upcoming film ‘Neerja’, the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award for bravery, the Ashok Chakra.
From 2015, Twitter has customised emojis for various sports, entertainment, cultural festivals and moments in India. To mark the 69th
Independence Day of India, Twitter launched the first Indian flag emoji; by using hashtag #India when composing a Tweet, the Indian tricolour appeared after those hashtags in the sent Tweet. #India was launched by PM Modi.
Then we saw twitter’s first #HappyDiwali emoji, a traditional lamp or diya to celebrate the festival, was launched in November 2015, to allow Twitter users across the world to celebrate the festival with friends and family across the world.

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Decks cleared for Metro project

Decks cleared for Metro project

The Metro project received a major boost with both Punjab and Haryana giving their consent for the project.
The development is significant as the Union ministry of urban development had sent back the revised detailed project report (DPR) of the Chandigarh Metro Project to the UT administration in November last year. The administration was directed to take consent of its partners — Punjab and Haryana —before submitting the revised project for consideration.
The new clause by the Centre had delayed the formation of the Greater Chandigarh Transport Corporation (GCTC), which will start the work on the project.
Confirming the development, UT finance secretary Sarvjit Singh said: “We have got a nod from Punjab and Haryana and will forward it to the Centre for the formation of the GCTC.”
UT administrator Kaptan Singh Solanki said: “Metro is not the only solution for traffic congestion but it is the identity of any growing city. Metro is an affordable and quick solution for the city residents to commute easily.”
He added: “Now, there is no hitch as we have got consent from Punjab and Haryana for the project. Even the city MP Kirron Kher had given her nod for the project.”
The Union ministry of urban development has also asked the UT administration to change the name of the project, which is known as the Chandigarh Metro Rail Project. The total length of the project covering Chandigarh, SAS Nagar and Panchkula is 37.57 km. The major portion of the two corridors falls in Chandigarh.

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Here Are Apps That Will Take You Closer To Your Favorite Celebs

Here Are Apps That Will Take You Closer To Your Favorite Celebs

Who does not like to gossip? And, when it comes to your favorite celebrity, you always want to be up to date. The advent and growth of social media and the internet have made it easier for you to get all the trivia, gossip and news about your favourite stars at the click of a button. And, if you have a smartphone, it becomes all the more easier. Simply, download an app and get up close and personal with your favourite star while on the go.

Here are few such apps using which you get to know updates about your favorite celebs and more.

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The WhatSIM Will Give You WhatsApp Access Anywhere in the World for Free

The WhatSIM Will Give You WhatsApp Access Anywhere in the World for Free

WhatsApp, one of the world’s largest messaging services, just became easier to access for those who do not want to pay a monthly service provider for data. Announced this morning, WhatSIM allows users to connect WhatsApp to any of 400 operators in 150 countries. WhatSIM only costs €10 upfront, with no monthly payments or expiration.
The idea is straightforward. Without the need for a phone plan or data service, pop the WhatSIM into your phone, then gain access to whichever provider you are closest to. Once connected, you can use the WhatsApp app to send messages to anyone you would like, free of charge.

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iPhone 7 to Be Waterproof, Support Wireless ChargingiPhone 7 to Be Waterproof, Support Wireless Charging

Earlier this week, it was rumoured that Apple will do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, and release wireless earphones alongside. Now, a few more details have been reported regarding the headphones, water-resistant design, and wireless charging. The report once again suggests that the company will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.
According to a recent report by Fast Company, the upcoming iPhone model might ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and instead use the Lightning port for wired headphones. The piece of information has been rumoured previously as well. However, there is no confirmation on the news as of yet. The previous report added that Apple will make available a Lightning “convert up” to allow headphones with a 3.5mm outlet to be used with the Lightning connector. The new report added that Apple is working with Cirrus Logic to “adapt the audio chipset in the iPhone to work with the Lightning port.”
In addition, it has been mentioned that the rumoured iPhone 7 audio system will include new noise-cancellation technology from UK-based company, Wolfson Microelectronics, now a part of Cirrus Logic. This software from Wolfson “will be backed into the phone and the headphones that plug into it,” the report added, helping reduce background noise during calls and music playback. The report carries on to say that third-party manufacturers will have to buy a licence to use the technology in their headsets.
Fast Company said while recent reports claim Apple will bundle Lightning-connected EarPod earphones with the iPhone 7, its sources add that is “more likely” Apple will sell a costlier pair earphones separately that’s complete with noise-cancellation and a Lightning port, apart from the Beats brand.
It is worth adding that last year also, a report claimed that Apple was planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in an attempt to make the iPhone thinner by 1mm.
The Fast Company report adds that the rumoured iPhone 7 will boast of a “completely waterproof” design, using nanocoating. However, we feel it is more likely to be water-resistant in reality. The iPhone 7 will reportedly also feature wireless charging support, though the method of its implementation was not detailed. The report concluded that both these features may be pulled from the design before launch, Apple known to ditch features very late into the development process.

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Here’s How You Can Apply For Passport Online In India

Due to lack of time and increasing penetration of Internet, a lot of people in India have started going e-way to apply for passport. Earlier, the mere thought of standing in long queue at the passport office to fill the form used to give us jitters, but now the process has become much simpler.
But even then, a lot of people fret about minor details that have to be filled online and take help of passport agents who demand for heavy fees. However, it doesn’t mean that these agent will help you’ll get the passport by just sitting at home. At the end, even you need to visit the Passport Seva Kendra at the time mentioned in your online appointment receipt for verification of your documents, fingerprint and eye scan, and final acceptance of your passport application.
The following steps will help you do away with fear the next time you are applying the passport yourself and helping someone else doing so. Take a look:

Firstly, search for Passport Seva on your web browser.
Once the link opens up, click on ‘New User? Register now’.
After this, a User Registration form will open up. Fill in the details and click on register:

Once registered, you’ll get a thank you message on Passport Seva portal.
And then, check your e-mail which you’ve mentioned during registration. By clicking on the link, the follow tab will open up:
Once again, you need to put in the User Id that you’ve mentioned in the online registration form. And then, your account will be activated. See here:
And after you’ve clicked on login hyperlink, fill in the required details in the following form.
Once you’ve logged in, an applicant form will pop up:
As you are applying for a fresh passport, SELECT the first option. This will give you two alternatives. So go for the second alternative as you’ve opted to file an online application.

This would lead you to another page, wherein you need to select the name of your state and district from the drop down lists.

And then, opt for your passport type here:

Now, it will land to the following page where you will be asked to fill in applicant details:

Then, fill in the family details.

Once you will save these details, then it will ask you to fill in the following details in steps: 1. Your present as well as previous residential addresses 2. Emergency contact details 3. Any two reference (most likely your neighbours) 4. If you have any previous passport, then you need to mention that 5. Lastly, self declaration that all the information provided by you is true
Once you complete the above mentioned step, you need to pay the fee for your passport application online only. After this, you’ve get the appoint schedule. Take a print out of your online appointment receipt. And then on the give date, visit the Passport Seva Kendra for verification of your documents.
If the officers there find out that the details filled by youyr are right, then your fingerprints and eye scan will be taken using a biometric machine and a webcam respectively. Don’t forget to collect your passport application acknowledgement receipt, which will help you track of your application status online.
And if you will avail Premium SMS Service by paying one-time enrolment fee of Rs 40, you will get regular updates on your mobile of your application till the time your passport gets dispatched.
So follow these steps to easily apply for your passport.

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Everything You Need To Know About Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule

Everything You Need To Know About Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule

The New Year is approaching fast and so is the launch date of Delhi’s odd-even rule. While Delhi government thinks it can cut pollution by restricting the number of cars running on the city roads, Delhiites are losing their sleep thinking of problems that they might have to faced during the 15-day pilot of this soon-to-be-launched-rule. Let’s take a look at this rule, its implications and solutions that Delhiites can use for sorting their everyday commute issues.

What’s this ‘odd-even’ rule?
This rule would define which car you can drive on a particular date. On even dates, only cars with license plates ending with an even number will be allowed on city roads, and on odd dates, cars with license plates ending with an odd number will be allowed.

For example, on dates ending with 0,2,4,6 and 8, you can only drive a vehicle whose vehicle registration number ends with an even digit such as DL83AB0XX4. And on odd dates, you can drive vehicles whose registration number ends with odd digit. For example, DL83AB0XX3.

When will this rule become effective?
The first pilot of this rule would begin on the New Year i.e. 1st January 2016 and would last for 15 days. The rule would be effective between Monday-Saturday between 8 AM to 8 PM.

How much fine would one pay if caught breaking the ‘odd-even’ rule?
You will have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 if you will not comply to the odd-even rule.

What is government doing to ensure smooth travel experience for Delhhites during these days?
Delhi government would run more buses on the street for ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for every day commuters. It will run 3,000 extra buses on capital’s roads.

Who all are exempted from the Odd-Even Rule?
This rule would only apply to common man as government bureaucrats have been exempted from this rule. Yes, there are exemptions for public as well. For example, CNG vehicles, two-wheelers as and women car drivers have been exempted. Below is the complete list:

· All CNG-driven vehicles

· Electric vehicles

· Hybrid vehicles

· Two-wheelers

· Vehicles driven by women, with only women passengers

· Vehicles driven by women, with children below the age of 12

· Those on way to hospital for medical emergency (should carry proof)

· Vehicles of physically challenged

· Emergency vehicles – Ambulance, fire, hospital, prison, hearse, enforcement vehicles, etc

· President

· Vice President

· Prime Minister

· Chief Justice of India

· Speaker of the Lok Sabha

· Deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha

· Deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha

· Governors of the states

· Lt Governors

Who else will lend a helping hand to Delhi Commuters during odd-even rule days?
Tech and non-tech companies are figuring out ways to sort Delhiites travel issues between Jan 1-15.

For instance, Twitter will help Delhiites search information about nearest bus and metro stations simply by using the hashtag #pollutionfreeDelhi and entering the origin and destination.

Ola, Uber have started offering car pooling services, which should come in handy for Delhiites during odd-even days. In fact, Ola’ s ‘CarPool’ feature will allow residents in Delhi-NCR to pool rides using their private cars through Ola’s app.

Even Delhi Metro has decided to ramp up its services during the 15-day trial period of the rule and would run 198 trains to make an additional 365 trips every day.

Will it be limited to Delhi only?
Currently, this pilot would be limited to Delhi only but if it turns out to be a success then other cities might also follow the suit. We expect this rule to be implemented in NCR regions such as Gurgaon and Noida that has maximum office-goers.

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Odd-even Day 3: Air Quality Remained Severe Still Delhi Passed The Litmus Test

Delhiites proved as misplaced the widespread doubts whether they would leave their odd-numbered cars at home on an even date on Monday, and whether public transport would creak under the new burden. Motorists largely complied with the odd-even formula on its third day.

A total of 1,231 motorists were fined — 1040 by Delhi Police and 191 by the transport department — compared to 567 on the first two days of the scheme when the authorities were “soft” on the violators.

“This is a victory of the people of Delhi. Because of their will, Delhi has passed its litmus test,” Transport Minister Gopal Rai told reporters.

The minister praised Delhi Police, with which the Aam Aadmi Party government is at loggerheads, for its co-operation.

Unlike the usual gridlock on Monday morning, traffic movement was smooth on Delhi’s arterial and main roads.

There was an overwhelming response on the first two days to the scheme which was launched on January 1. Traffic was spared of the regulation on Sunday.

But sceptics said it was because of the extended weekend when people stayed at home, and the real test of the city government’s traffic regulation would be on Monday, the first full working day of the new year.

“There were speculations and doubts about what would happen on Monday when all the offices open. Some people feared that public transport may be overcrowded today (Monday) or there may be violations by drivers, but we have not noticed any such thing,” Rai said.

While lakhs of even-numbered cars plied on the roads, the government rolled out 7,143 buses to ensure smooth travel for those who left their odd-numbered cars at home and turned to public transport to commute.

Although many odd-numbered cars were spotted, they were running on CNG or driven by women — both exempted categories — and the roads were still less crowded in the morning.

Of the total buses, 4,461 were of the Delhi Transport Corporation, while 1,431 were cluster ones.

There were also 1,251 hired private buses, and the remaining were school buses that ferried passengers.

The buses were not crammed as was earlier feared.

Like on the first two days, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal shared his car with Rai to reach office and Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia cycled to the Delhi Secretariat.

Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra travelled in a bus.

Many regular Delhi Metro commuters did not find the train coaches extraordinarily crowded either.

“I found the Metro a bit more crowded than usual but it was not unmanageable as I was fearing it would be,” said Adnan Ali, who travels to work from Chandni Chowk to Noida City Centre.

But the situation was different on the Metro’s Violet Line which has only four-coach trains.

“It was very crowded at Mandi House station. I had to jostle to get into the train and almost fell down as the crowd pushed me from behind,” complained Shweta Arya, who works with a private firm in Nehru Place.

Rai urged people not to spread lies of Metro trains being overcrowded on social media with pictures clicked months ago.

A statement from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said it has planned to run 3,192 total trips to handle the passenger rush.

The DMRC will use 198 trains daily to achieve these trips, the statement said.

DMRC executive director Anuj Dayal said: “Today’s (Monday) ridership in the Metro at 8 p.m. was a bit higher than that of last Monday. As many as 22.85 lakh people commuted through Delhi Metro today whereas on December 28 (last Monday) it was 20.51 lakh.”