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Do You Really Need An IPhone 6S?

The latest iPhone, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus went on sale last week in India. As always, there were several Apple enthusiasts who stood in queues outside the Apple retail stores at midnight to pick the new iPhones. In fact, the craze was such that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, took to Twitter to personally thank the fans from India.

For a layman, who is not a power user and not into a lot of gaming or requires powerpuff performance, the iPhone 6S basically is about three things: a new rose gold color, a better camera, and 3D Touch. If your heart is set on the rose gold version of the iPhone, then there is no alternative but to pick the device. While the camera on the iPhone 6s is definitely better than that of the 6, it is not something that you would sweat upon.I If you are coming from an older device, chances are that the cameras on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would anyway be an upgrade. Then comes 3D Touch. And if you just want a new iPhone for 3D Touch, then that is a problem that can be solved easily.
The 3D Touch basically is the mimic of Force Touch that Apple introduced with the launch of its Macbook and Apple Watch. It enables users to press long on the display to trigger actions like opening contextually relevant options to take you inside an application on your phone, seeing a preview of your text messages or pictures before you decide to open the message or image and simply use it to change weapons during a gameplay. It is common knowledge that the jailbreaking community has always empowered users to go ahead and make choices that give them a way out of the strict and high walls of the disciplinarian that Apple has been. Initially, Apple was really wary of the jailbreak community and took an active stand against them, but the same has softened a bit off late. This is why the jailbreak community has come up with a solution, that if you are looking to pick the iPhone 6S for just 3D Touch or Live Photos, then they can save a lot of money for you.

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iPhone 6S, 6S Plus India launch: Bookings miss target

Apple’s aggressive sales strategy in India may have backfired to some extent as bookings for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have fallen short of expectations, said some of the company’s trade partners. Against a bold target of tripling pre-bookings for the devices, which will be available in India on October 16, these have risen by just 10-15% compared with last year for the previous models, the partners said. They said buyers expect lower prices online once the phone becomes widely available.
Thanks to lower online prices, Apple’s ambitious sales target for the new generation of devices could still eventually be met. Earlier this year, Apple had allowed its distributors to sell at the lowest price to the e-commerce channel, leading to a surge in sales after having followed a conservative line that meant all vendors had to hold their rates at the company-mandated level.

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Go Find Out If Your IPhone Has A Good Or A Bad Processor

s it turns out, not all new iPhones are created equal. There’s two different versions of the A9 processor, and while they’re mostly the same, one of the chips seems to be killing battery life. s Anantech noted shortly after the phone’s launch, there are two different A9 chips: one made by Samsung on a 14nm process, and one (slightly bigger) by TSMC. Apple sourced the chips from two manufacturers in an attempt to reduce the supply problems that are normally a hallmark of iPhone launches.

But the two chips don’t work exactly the same. Although they benchmark with about the same power, the battery life (and excess heat) is different. According to posts on forums and some Chinese sites, phones with the TSMC processor get two hours more battery life on the Geekbench battery test, while running a few degrees cooler.

Obviously, that’s not definitive-not least because battery test apps tax processors in a particular way, which doesn’t accurately reflect real life. If you want to find out which processor is in your shiny new phone, the easiest way is to download the free Lirum Device Info Lite app, and look at the model number on the main page. N66AP (6s Plus) or N71AP (6s) means a Samsung chip (and supposedly lower battery life), while N66MAP or N71MAP means the TSMC chip, and some peace of mind.