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What To Expect From Google’s New Android M Operating System?

What To Expect From Google’s New Android M Operating System?


With Google officially kicking off the I/O event tomorrow, Android users have multiple reasons to be excited about. The company has already teased the arrival of Android M operating system, and is likely to be shown off tomorrow. This is something Google did during last year’s I/O developer conference as well, where Android L was first shown off, which later went onto become Android 5.0 Lollipop.

So what can we expect from Android M this year? While it’s impossible to predict what Google has in mind, there are a few things that have been rumored over the past few months.

1. Fingerprint scanning built into stock Android: It was said that Google originally wanted to use a fingerprint scanner with the Nexus 6 smartphone (located beneath the Motorola logo on the back), but backtracked at the last minute due to unknown reasons. But with Android M (or Android 6.0), Google could officially announce support for fingerprint scanning by default, making it easier for manufacturers to use the technology on their devices.

2. Android payment system (Android Pay?): With Apple and Samsung taking it on themselves to bring wireless payment services to their customers, it is expected of Google to bring this by default with stock Android. We’ve seen hints of this so far with Google shutting down its Wallet service recently. While this might decrease profit sharing for the likes of Samsung, it makes sense in the long run keeping Android users in mind.

3. Improvements to the general Android UI: It is expected that Google will make some changes and additions to the Material Design UI from Android 5.0 Lollipop. We don’t expect any radical design changes here though as Google went through an entire system revamp less than a year ago. But it goes without saying that there will be some distinctive changes to make it stand apart from Android 5.0.

It’s still early days to fully understand what’s going to be different with Android M, but we expect Google to give us a rough idea tomorrow. We also expect more features to be added onto Android M over the coming months.

Of course, there will be a range of other changes on board as well, including a bundle of security related updates, which is standard with every major Android release.

Preview builds of the OS should be available for download to certain Nexus device owners, so if all goes according to plan, users will probably be able to run the OS on their beloved Nexus device starting later this week.

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GottaGo Is Very Useful App To Find A Public Restroom Near You

Gotta Go Is Very Useful App To Find A Public Restroom Near You


Aggregation apps, to use the cliche, are the hottest things on mobile at the moment. There are apps that help you find restaurants around you, book an appointment for a doctor, and of course hail a cab. GottaGo keeps it very basic and helps you when nature calls.

GottaGo is a free app that lets you find nearby public restrooms with the tap of a button. When you are out and about – whether in your own city or travelling outstation – it helps in finding you a clean and hygienic restroom. The restrooms are displayed on a map with the distance from your location and directions of how to get there.

GottaGo currently lists over 10,000 restrooms mapped across malls, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, railway stations, museums et al. The Android app is currently available on the Google Play Store. The iOS app is in the works, and should be available on the App Store soon. No luck for Windows Phone users like me though.

The service is currently available for users in five cities – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and Chennai. I’ve learnt that two more cities will be going live along with their iOS launch, and there are plans to expand to other cities over time.

At the moment, the data collection for the restroom database happens via the company’s local teams in each city, including some that they call ‘common sense’ and add themselves. The next obvious step is crowdsourcing of the database – a feature that will be included in the next update of the Android app.

“With the growing risk of infectious diseases such as urinary tract infection or other infections, we wanted to only list the cleanest options available. We had a few evangelists in every city go and check out these places before we listed them. We also built user feedback into the app which allows users to rate the options provided once they use the facility. They can also let us know if a restroom isn’t working any more or is shutdown.”

– Kunal Sheth, Founder, GottaGo

Incidentally, GottaGo was born as a website – – back in 2010, which listed information of restrooms, area-wise. Of course, on the smartphone, experience is better as it detects the location of the user using GPS, and directs the user through navigation that they are already familiar with.

So, next time you’re out shopping or in a park with your kids, fire the app when there’s ‘important business’ that needs to be taken care of. It’s free, and vanilla simple. Don’t forget to rate the restroom when you’re done, so others can benefit.

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Who Most Likely Makes Your Sandwich, Mapped

The sandwich is a delicious and convenient way to ingest your favored form of nutrition-but where do you get them from? This maps shows the dominant sandwich store across the entire country. Guess which color represents Subway.

Nathan Yau of Flowing Data put this visualization together using information from AggData. He explains how it works:

Each circle represents an area with a 10-mile radius, colored by the nearest sandwich chain. Subway’s lead is clear with unexpectedly much more gusto than McDonald’s. There are a few other sandwich places sprinkled here and there.

If you choose to ignore Subway, however, you get the map below. Arby’s wins out here, but at nowhere near the scale of Subway. Instead, you see much more regional variation-notably in the form of Jimmy John’s, Blimpie, Charley’s,Togo’s and a few others. Where do you get yours?

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NYC Produces Twice As Much Garbage As Any Other Large City On Earth

New York City is great at a lot of things. Walking! Skyscrapers! Pizza! And according to a new study on the world’s megacities, NYC can add one more thing to its list of things it excels at: Trash!

Over at Motherboard, Brian Merchant has declared New York the world’s most wasteful city. This is based on a huge research project on megacities (metropolitan areas with over 10 million people) that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. In almost every case, New York won as the most energy-gobbling, trash-generating, resource-sucking city on the planet. (The distant runner-up is Moscow.)
New York is the unequivocal world capital of garbage, says Merchant:

New York City creates 33 million tons of waste a year. The next closest offender is Mexico City (the label is missing from the graph above), which generates a comparatively quaint 12 million tons of trash, followed by Tokyo, which, again, has a full dozen million more potentially garbage-generating citizens. The average New Yorker uses two dozen times more energy than someone in Kolkata, and creates 15 times as much solid waste. I’ll say it again: New York is one dirty megacity.

Guzzling the most fossil fuels is another way that New York City wins:

“The New York metropolis has 12 million fewer people than Tokyo, yet it uses more energy in total: the equivalent of one oil supertanker every 1.5 days,” study author Chris Kennedy.

Studies on megacities are very important as there are now 26 of them on the planet, and about half of the world’s population lives in one. But as this study shows, if those megacities were 26 New Yorks, we’d all be dead.

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Health Check! 5 Apps To Keep Your Health On Track

Health Check! 5 Apps To Keep Your Health On Track

A healthy body is often the key to happiness, but it is not easy to ensure a healthy lifestyle. And that is where technology comes to our rescue—it has several gizmos to help us out. However, we are not going to talk about fitness gizmos here as they would require some investment; we would, rather, we talk about apps that you can download right away on your smartphone and begin your fitness regime instantly. So, here we go!
HealthifyMe app is an interesting app that has simple and creative ways to nudge you towards healthy living habits. It allows you to track your lifestyle including your diet, exercise, weight, keeping the Indian context in picture. For example, the calorie tracker has options for Indian recipes and the calories they have. Another key factor that makes this app really cool is: it lets you talk to experts like diet consultants, nutrition experts, etc who not only track your statistics but also offer suggestions and guidance to help you stay on track with your goals.