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Your Kids Might Be Bearing The Brunt Of Your Long-Working Hours

The effect of sleeplessness goes beyond just being tired the next day. Scientific research done in the past indicates that if parents work long hours, children too have to bear the brunt of that, particularly on sleep and weight aspect. A recent study conducted at the University of Illinois throws some light on this.

According to this study, there is a correlation between working hours of mothers and sleep hours and Body Mass Index (BMI) of their preschooler children.

Let’s have a look what the new research says

The study authored by Katherine E Speirs, a postdoctoral research associate in human and community development at the University of Illinois, investigated the link between mother’s employment and weight of their children over a period of time, trying to assess the impact of intermediaries like the amount of time children’s spent watching TV, family mealtime routines, children’s sleep, and their eating habits.

Katherine and co-authors Janet M Liechty and Chi-Fang Wu monitored 247 mother-child pairs from the Strong Kids study. The kids, between the age of 3 to 5 years, were weighed at the start of the study. Researchers repeated the same process after one year. They found that 12% of the preschoolers were obese and 17% were overweight. There were 66% mothers out of the 247 pairs, who were full time employees with work hours of 35 or more per week. On the other hand, 18% were part-time employee, having work hours between 20 to 34 hours per week.

Children’s of 3-5 years of age group require a sleep of 11-12 hours. Children of mothers having full-time employment clocked lower hours of sleep as compared to children of mothers having part-time employment. On an average the children got only 9.6 hours of sleep at night. Only 18% of the children got the necessary 11-12 hours of sleep.

How mother’s long-working hours affects preschoolers sleep and BMI?

The key findings of this study are that preschoolers of working mothers are more prone to being overweight and obese within a year. According to the research, night-time sleep is an important factor of regulating weight. This was the reason why Katherine and team looked at night-time sleep for this study.

Mothers who work for long hours face the challenge of work life balance. Work pressure drains a lot of energy because of which mothers tend to get in bed early. Children in such cases get less time from their mothers. Also, the children have to get up early as mothers need to take them to day care centre on the way to their office.

The study was conducted on mother and children pair who were enrolled in 32 day care centres of Central Illinois. The household earning is also an important factor in children getting required amount of sleep. Out of the group of mothers, 66% had college degree. Mothers with college degree will get a better job than a mother without a degree. The better job entails standard working hours and good pay. The standard work hours will help provide an opportunity to the mother to give more attention to the children. At the same time, good pay will ensure that the mother doesn’t have to work elsewhere.

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The Most Affordable Windows Phone Running Device Launches In India

The Most Affordable Windows Phone Running Device Launches In India

Well, if Microsoft cannot manage bringing out sub Rs 5,000 smartphones with Windows Phone then domestic brands gladly oblige. The decision to give Windows Phone (WP) platform, free of license fee to any device below 8 inches has helped many India-based names to launch affordable WP devices.


Micromax has one, so does Xolo and now Celkon joins the group with its first Win 400 smartphone. The phone is priced at Rs 6400 but get one today for Rs 4,703 via Snapdeal, making the brand to dish out the cheapest WP phone, probably extending to the world also.


The phone sports a 4-inch 800x480p display and runs on Windows Phone 8.1 platform. It packs a quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor but paired with just 512 MB RAM. The other aspect you might want to know is storage and internally there 4 GB space, expandable up to 32 GB. There’s a 5 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front snapper as well and loaded with a 1,500 mAh battery. You get dual-SIM support, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even GPS for that matter.


The phone must be making you think, when Celkon can offer the same chipset at a lower price, why can’t Microsoft do to same with Lumia 535

? Granted, there’s more to the latter than one considers but still this is more like the affordable pricing, people expect from brand like Microsoft as well.


We’re not sure whether the Win 400 is anywhere close to the quality of a Lumia device but it’s a start and we hope to get many more affordable offerings like this.

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Be Thankful For The Invisible Belt That Saves Earth From Radiation

Be Thankful For The Invisible Belt That Saves Earth From Radiation

Well, here’s something cosmic to be thankful for this weekend. A NASA-led study of the Van Allen radiation belts has uncovered new information about the invisible “shield” that keeps harmful ultrarelativistic electrons from the Earth.

In a study published in Nature, scientists from MIT and the University of Colorado at Boulder detail their analysis of data from NASA’s Van Allen Probes, which are studying the radiation belts around Earth-just last year, the probes reported the existence of a new, previously-unknown third belt thousands of miles above the Earth. In short, these craft are sending back vital information about the space around our planet. And in Nature this week, we found out even more.

In the study, we learn about the existence of a hard barrier at the bottom of the outermost belt, about 7,000 miles above Earth, and something called “plasmaspheric hiss.” This layer of electromagnetic waves stop the high-energy electrons zinging around the Earth from actually getting close to it. MIT News explains that the “hiss” in the phenomenon’s name is actually due to the sound the waves make over the radio, and that they keep us safe from otherwise quite dangerous radiation:

Based on their data and calculations, the researchers believe that plasmaspheric hiss essentially deflects incoming electrons, causing them to collide with neutral gas atoms in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and ultimately disappear. This natural, impenetrable barrier appears to be extremely rigid, keeping high-energy electrons from coming no closer than about 2.8 Earth radii – or 11,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.

In the MIT report, John Foster, associate director of MIT’s Haystack Observatory, described the discovery of this shield as “a very unusual, extraordinary, and pronounced phenomenon,” since it’s rare to find such a sharp stop in the atmosphere. He added that the discovery tells us more about what spacecraft and humans can endure many miles above the Earth.

Plenty of news outlets compare the phenomenon to Star Trek, but in this particular case, the reality is even cooler than the pop culture equivalent. We’ll stick with the “hiss.”

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Hyde Park Estate at New Chandigarh is DLF’s integrated township panning over approx 229 acres. A 10 minutes drive from PGI, Chandigarh and Punjab University, it is located across the Chandigarh-Punjab border overlooking the Shivalik Range. The Township is designed to have a multifaceted landscape comprising of residential, commercial and retail buildings. The townplanning of the development conforms to low population norms. View of the Shivalik range, multiple parks & green belts, eco-friendly civic infrastructure, wide roads and varied proposed township facilities ( mentioned below) will make Hyde Park Estate, one of the most aspiring residential addresses of the region in the times to club view.JPGcome.

Proposed Facilities at Hyde Park Estate

1) The Club Life: To compliment your lifestyle, Hyde Park Estate will house a beautifully designed club with colonial architecture and class. The proposed facilities at the club are- Swimming Pool, Party Hall, Squash and Tennis Courts, Table Tennis Room, Chess and Billiards Room, Library, Gymnasium, Yoga and Aerobics Studio, Fine dine Restaurant and guest suites

2) Facilities for Children: Proposed school, crèche, kids play area

3) Shopping: SCOs & Booths for both lifestyle needs and daily conveniences

4) Healthcare: Proposed primary healthcare facility

5) Text Box: Perspective View of the Club HouseModern Infrastructure: Wide and well planned roads, Solar Street Lighting, Water treatment plant, Rainwater harvesting, 24 hours water supply, underground cabling

Neighbourhood: As per the Mullanpur master plan, following is proposed to come up in New Chandigarh- Cricket Stadium, Educity, Medcity, Metro Connectivity.


1) Hyde Park Residences- Independent Floors- Stilt Parking & Ground plus 2 format with elevators on 350 sq yards plot

2) HydePark Estate- Plots- Sizes- 250, 350 and 500 sq yards

3) Hyde Park Terraces- Independent Floors- Ground plus 2 format with elevators on 350 sq yards plot

4) Hyde park Arcade- SCOs

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Make your worlds meet ! Discover the joy of ‘ HOME ‘ + ‘ WORK ‘ like never before. Live & Work in the luxurious lap of boutique serviced studios with provisions of turning it into your workplace.


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