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10 Reasons To Play Pokemon Go (Not That You Needed Any)

Here’s the thing about viral posts. Everyone tends to participate in it, whether they are aware of the subject or not. But, like always, there will be group of outliers, who will vehemently and explicitly refuse to participate. And talking about things going viral, Pokemon Go is here, and how! It’s already bigger than Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and all the other usual suspects who could boast about creating pseudo countries out of their user base. Here too, there is a vocal group of people who are vehemently trying to ignore the phenomenon that the smartphone game has become overnight. This post is a feeble attempt at trying to get them to hear us out. An attempt to make them understand the sheer brilliance of seeing the real world merge into the virtual, all while getting a lot of exercise.

So, here are ten things that can happen to you if you choose to install Pokemon Go.

1. Improves Concentration and Focus

It has been reported that poeple are spending more time playing Pokemon Go than anything else. People have turned catching Pokemon into a full-time job and like any full-time job, it requires intense amounts of focus and attention. The mysterious pocket creatures are hidden around the real world around us, and it takes a good amount of concentration to hunt out a rare Pokemon.

2. Teaches Planning and Strategizing

Anyone who has played the game will vouch for me when I say this game requires a lot of strategizing. So, there are a lot of Pidgeys around? Why not catch them all and then exchange them for candy, which can then be used to evolve your Pokemons. If that isn’t planning, I don’t know what is.

3. Determination Gets A Whole New Meaning

So you think becoming a Pokemaster is child’s play? Try looking for some and you’ll soon realize it’s not Temple Run (although there is a lot of running involved. Real, physical, knock-out-your-breath running). Finding that rare Pokemon really needs a lot of grit and determination. First you have to figure out the area where it’s likely to be found and then you have to physically transport yourself there. But that’s not all. You still have to look into the nooks and crannies of the place to finally spot the Pokemon. Catching is a whole different story altogether. I repeat, it’s not a child’s play.

5. Overcome Social Anxiety And Interact With People

Reports have poured in saying that those who refused to budge out of their couch were seen socializing and actually behaving like the social animals they are supposed to be. It’s not me saying it. Just cold, hard facts. Install the game, charge your phone and head out to join the nearest Pokewalk around you and I can guarantee you will find friends for life.

6. Handle The Roller-Coaster That Is Life, Better

Sometimes you catch them. Sometimes they run away. I’m talking about the roller-coaster that is life and not Pokemon Go. Or maybe I’m talking about both, because there is a thin line between them. The lessons learnt while playing this game, may very well be applied in real life as well.

7. Know Your Neighborhood Like The Back Of Your Hand

How many times has it happened that you have been asked for directions and the only thing you could manage was a dumb look on your face. Not anymore though. Play the game for a week and soon every corner of your neighborhood will be mapped in your mind like the alphabet. Did you know there was a historic monument right in your neighborhood? You will, once you start playing the game.

8. Improves Reflexes
Throwing the Poke Ball is an art. The green circle has to be perfectly lined up and you have to flick the ball at the right time and trust me, that needs the best of your reflexes. It’s more difficult than playing tennis, I’ve been told.

9. Better Observation

The trick is to find the Pokemons hidden in the real world. And among the many skills it needs, observation is prime. You need to keep a lookout when a wild Pokemon will appear in your area and be tactful enough to throw a Pokeball at it.

10. A Whole Lot Of Exercise

This is really self-explanatory. The game is played on your phone alright, but it also needs you to move around the real world. If ever in your life, you needed some motivation, Pokemon Go is perfect to make you head out and shed some flab.