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10 Android Apps Every College Student Must Have

10 Android Apps Every College Student Must Have

Managing money is the first thing every college student learns and boy, is it not important! Squander away your pocket money within a night and spend the rest of the month neck-deep in debt. With Monefy, track all your expenses through customized sections, tailored for your diverse needs. Add transaction records, set financial goals and hopefully at the end of the month, you may save some bucks to go out on a trip.

You’ve gone out as a group after class to chug some beers together and discuss the weekend assignment (raaaight!). But then you happen to be the only one with the money while few are pretty broke and promise to pay you later, and the rest have to rush to the nearest ATM to pitch in their share. In the end, you have to be the nice guy and take out the crisp note to pay the bartender. Now cue Splitwise. This app will help you split the bill equally among all of those you paid for and help you remember to collect it from them. With Splitwise in your smartphone, you can still be the benevolent nice guy in the group as well as a shrewd Shylock.

An office suite is one of the most essential apps for a college student to carry with them. Imagine you are in class and suddenly it dawns upon you that the laptop you were supposed to get to consult with the professor about that paper you are writing, is lying on your bed back in your dorm. Fear not. Keep the Polaris Office app installed and open and edit documents (be it any kind) on your phone and tablet. Ofcourse, you can install separate apps for Microsoft Word and Excel or Google’s Docs and Sheets, which are individual, bulky and RAM hogging apps in themselves, if you have the space and the memory on your smartphone. In case you don’t, and that is the most likliest scenario, install the Polaris app and keep all kinds of documents in one place.
What’s college without a little mismanagment in the daily routine? Right? Wait till you have four assignments, two presentations and three quizzes, all in the same week, and watch yourself go crazy trying to manage all of them in one go. Tired already? Let TimeTune do it for you. With this app installed, all those tasks that needs to be struck off on a daily basis will be reminded to you. On its easy-to-use interface, you can set up a weekly routine as well as a routine for your weekend. Make it repeat for an year or more. You will be surprised by the amount of work that you end up doing in a day, when you use this app.

Taking notes are now so old school. When one is concentrating on taking down everything that slips out of a professor’s tongue, one tends to miss out on a lot of other dynamics that goes on in the lecture hall. Install Titanium Voice Recorder, and lay back with your arms folded behind you, and still have everything the professor spoke about. Dedicate the free time to socializing with your classmates, thinking on the concepts taught and engaging with the professor, without worrying about study material during exams.

Maths can get somewhat tricky sometimes. Even your nerdiest classmate will agree to it. But this is the 21st century and technology has enabled us to just about anything on our smartphones. So why not solve complex mathematical problems? Make way for Mathway! This app is your one-stop genius on all thing mathematics related. Feed the app with complex algebric equations and see a step-by-step solution for it. Mathway’s algorithm can handle basic algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra and chemical equations. Simply take a photo of the question and share it with the app, to quickly get the answer. If only I had this app during my college years. Damn!

Pocket is now universally known. But why is this app in a list of apps for college students? The answer will present itself automatically once you install the app and start using it while you are in college. But for those who are impatient (and that’s like every college student ever!), pocket is the place to quickly save, discover and recommend the best, most interesting content on the web. It is sort of a bookmarking tool for the article you want to read but don’t have the time to, right then. Save the article in Pocket and open it up when you have some rare moments to yourself. Pocket will work offline as well. Give it a try during those long, boring commutes to class everyday and experience the unique utility of this popular app.

We can all do with a little help during those tensed few hours before an exam. Let the awesome experts at Khan Academy mop up all those little doubts you had about the concepts. Evolved from an YouTube Channel, Khan Academy specializes in tackling complex concepts and breaking it down to easy, explainable videos. Be it maths, science, economics, history or something else, be assured that Khan Academy has already covered the basic concepts of the subject. Use Khan Academy for that extra boost to your knowledge.

Time literally flies when in college. Soon enough another semester will be over and you will need to clear up a little deskspace to accommodate the new books needed to start the next one. You may also need to move into an apartment because its sophomore year and you’ve earned your freedom. But before that, you need to sell off a few things that you don’t require anymore. Well, you’re in luck, because there is someone in your college who is looking for just the thing you are looking to sell. Install AllStudyX and buy and sell used goods in your school, college or university campus. From academic books, mobile phones, furniture, anything can be bought and sold here. The app supports 20,000 institutions across India and is one of the most hassle-free way to acquire or get rid of goods right inside your campus.